Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Transcendental Consciousness proved by Modern Scientific Research

In his PhD Thesis, Dr Robert Keith Wallace, ex President of Maharshi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, US proved the existence of Transcendental Consciousness. Tureeya Brahman. ( "UCLA, the Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation, a Proposed Fourth Major State of Consciousness").

This is the scientific proof of what Yogis call the Tureeya Brahman, the Fourth State, transcending the three relative states, waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.

Pratha smarami Hridi samsphuram Atma Tathvam
Sat Chit Sukham Paramahamsa Gathim Thureeyam
Yath Swapna Jagratha Sushupta Avethi Nityam
Thad Brahma Nishkalam Aham na cha Bhoothasangha

In the early morning hours
I meditate on the Self
Self supreme
Imperishable amidst the perishing
Whose nature is Being and Knowlege
Known as Fourth
Transcendental Consiousness
Transcending three states
Waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep
Swapna, Jagrata and Sushupthi
The Eternal Witness Awareness
Whose unmanifest nature
As Unbounded Awareness
Is present in all
Its manifestations !
I am not these
Assemblage of matter
Envelopments or prisons
But mighty Brahman
Partless and undifferentiated !

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