Monday, June 24, 2013

God not a ball of cheese !

People think God is a ball of cheese and He is there to give us cheese. He normally gives the Cross to Good and the throne to Evil. Crooks thriving and good people suffering. We cannot say we are good people either. Ask our enemies.............

At least Dhoni was realistic yesterday. He told his team mates " God is not coming to save you, fight it out ". And the young Indian team fought it out and India lifted the CT13 and Dhoni became the first captain ever to lift three World Cups!  That is manliness, which was sadly missing in the Indian teams of yore !  

Everything is enveloped by Negativity, Sarva Arambha hi doshena dhoomenagnirir Avritha, says the Lord in the BG. For everything the negative aspect is there. There is a general charge that Astrologer emphasise the negative aspect more than the positive ! This is not true. I always deal with the positive aspect ! 

Zen and Tibetan Handicraft Masterpieces

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