Thursday, April 03, 2014

Himself the Play, Himself the Player, Himself the Playground !

Prakritim Purushaschaiva
Vidyanathi Ubhavapi
Vikaramscha Gunanamscha
Viddhi Prakriti Sambhavan !

Know then that Being and Becoming both
Hath no beginning !
That all qualities
Are Nature born ! ( Sir Edwin Arnold's translation, The Song Celestial )

We will define Being and Becoming here. These terms are much used in Philosophy.

There are two types of Reality, Relative Reality and Absolute Reality. Both are real in their fields.
Being is Absolute Being, Absolute Reality.
Becoming is Relatve Being, Relative Reality.

Both are beginningless, saith the Lord. Both Prakriti and Purusha. We have to , in order to study Vedanta Sastra, distinguish these two Realities, the two Realities which are ultimately One.
If we go to a higher dimension, we will find that nothing exists but He !

"He is Timeless and all that is in Time, He is Spaceless and all that is in Space. He is Causality and the Cause and the Effect. Brahman, the ishwara, is all This by His Yoga Maya ! For we find, that the Indeterminate teems with mutations and differentiae. Being turns into Being, but is always Itself and other than Its Becomings. The One becomes an innumerable mutitude. The Universal individualises Itself and the Individual Universalises Itself" - Aurobindo, Life Divine.

In the Alipore Bomb case, Aurobindo was on trial. Then the Divine Voice told Him. " It is I who am doing all this. Know that there is nothing impossible, nothing difficult"

The Voice continued " Now look at the prosecuting counsel". Aurobindo looked at the prosecuting counsel and He saw Lord Krishna.. "Now look at the Judge". He saw the Lord sitting there !

Then He later said that the Universe is His Play, one of the Rhythms of Brahman, the Absolute, the Lord playing in the world as Sat Chit Ananda !