Friday, March 08, 2013

Of Buddhism and Hinduism

The Cosmic Consciousness of SCI & TM is the Nibbana which Buddhism speaks  of  and the Samadhi of the Hindus.

There are two types of Samadhi - Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa, Cosmic Consiousness and Unity Consciousness, the Fifth and Seventh States.

Now Buddhism is a formidable system of Philosophy, which deals with the causes of Sorrow and its cessation.Buddha was indeed one of the greatest philosophers.

Now jumping to Cosmic Consciousness is not easy, it requires years of preparation and meditation.

Jnana Yoga is Union via Wisdom and these concepts and experiences belong to Wisdom.

Now Bhakti Yoga is the Union via Love, where the Self is worshipped as the Quintessence of Love. Now this Yoga is predominant in Hinduism, as Masters state that Love is greater than Intelligence.

Wisdom is great, but Love is greater !

We repeat, the Fourfold Yoga is the best path. We find in Christiantiy, Theology or Dvaitha is more dominant. Also in Islam. More Theology, less Philosphy. Of course there is Philosophy in these two, as Gnosticism and Sufism. But Theology is more dominant.

After you study all the great religions of the world, you will have to accept Universal Love.Any system which does not incorporate Universal Love or Union via Universal Love will not have much followers. 

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