Friday, February 07, 2014

The Fivefold Pranic Energy !

This is the Fivefold Pranic Energy. Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana. We have the statement ' Pancha Prana Prabhavanti Tasmat", that is the Fivefold Pranic Energy started from Thee.

 Prana is the breath of life and moves in the upper parts of the body. It brings the Universal Life Force into the physical system and distributes itself.

The second, Apana, is the breath of Death. for it gives the Vital Force out of the body.

The third, Samana, regulates both these forces. Equalises and maintains equilibrium

The fourth, Vyana, distributes vital energies throughout the body.

 The Fifth, Udana, moves upwards from the body to the crown and is a regular channel between the worlds of Matter and Spirit !

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